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Long story short

When you are young, you assume your loved one will always be there… making meals, doing the shopping, providing a home… but it all changes when you realize they are unable to care for themselves anymore. Suddenly, your roles switch, and you have to assume the lead. You cringe at the thought of them needing help, but you can’t care for them yourself for long.

In 2003, after 37 years of marriage, my wife LawrEl became instantly disabled, requiring 24/7 care. Finding quality care-givers, while struggling with doctors, insurance, and medications was overwhelming. Eventually, Anna Gako became the primary care giver for my wife, caring for LawrEl until her death in 2010.

During that time, Anna’s love for LawrEl and heart for serving became apparent. She quickly became a member of the extended Hurley family and helped manage Apricot Mornings. In March 2012, Anna and I married, beginning a new stage for our family.

This journey is the inspiration behind Apricot Mornings Residential Living. Unlike other board and care homes, I know the struggle your family is facing, because I’ve lived it. My goal is to create a warm and stress free experience for your family during this time of transition and loss. To help you navigate the road ahead and find the kind of “care like only family can provide.”

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About Us

Apricot Mornings Residential Living is a group of family owned and operated, board and care homes, located in Clovis, California.

Licensed by the State of California.
Residence 1: #107204075
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Apricot Mornings

305 W Lester Avenue
Clovis, CA, 93619