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Senior care like only family can provide

“Your home was such a Godsend to me, my beloved momma, and my entire huge family. I do not live in the Clovis area but a childhood friend referred me to Apricot Mornings Residential Living. You made my momma AND ENTIRE FAMILY feel so welcome. We had a beautiful last month with mom in your beautiful home. I will forever be grateful for your thoughtfulness and hugs and respectful treatment of my momma. Everybody there was so kind, professional, and loving. We all felt like your family.”

Get the high-level care your loved one needs and deserves

We provide safe, family like, residential care for your loved one.

Safe, Caring Environment

Six bed homes, with a 1 to 3 ratio of staff to residents, allows for individualized care.

A Family Atmosphere

Family owned, managed and staffed, your loved one isn’t just a client, they are family.

Freedom of Mind

Relax, knowing your loved one is receiving the level of care you wish you could give but are unable to.

Picking the right residential care

For most families, moving their loved one into residential living is an emotional time.

Guilt, fear, nervousness, and financial worries take over.

Why? Because this life stage is a new experience for them.

Finding the right residential care can be challenging. With a busy life of your own, you don’t have the time to spend hours researching all the possibilities. What you need is someone who can help walk you through the process, so you can focus on getting your loved one settled.

I’m Jack Hurley, owner of Apricot Mornings. I help families find a home for their loved ones when they are unable to safely care for themselves on a daily basis.

After working with over 70 residents, I know how to help families make the best decision for their loved one and themselves.

Stop spending hours researching and stressing over board and care options.

Schedule a call today and get the clarity your family needs.

1) Speak to the Owner

We’ll discuss your loved one, their care and the board and care options available.

2) Plan Your Visit

We’ll walk you through our home so you get a feel for the atmosphere and care we provide.

3) Move Your Loved One In

Schedule a move in day and we’ll get your loved one settled in their new home.

Get In Touch

What if you could get your questions about residential care answered? Or, what if you learned the top things to look for in any board and care location you are considering?

Let me know how I can help and I’ll get the answers you need.

We could not be more impressed with the personal care and attention our Dad received in the almost 2 years he was with the Apricot Mornings facility. The hands-on care he received was exemplary. Our family made frequent and unannounced visits during that time frame and every time we saw him, he was always clean smelling (daily baths), in fresh clothing and in a clean bed. What we experienced with his care at Apricot Mornings was not the “norm”, as our Dad had several negative (negligent) experiences with previous assisted living facilities in the area. This facility was extremely clean with no odors. They consistently communicated to us any needs/issues in a timely manner.

The staff at Apricot Mornings demonstrated a genuine concern for our Dad, going beyond merely performing a “job”. We would add that while our Dad was in the care of Apricot Mornings, there was NO turn-over in staff. The cost of placing him in a slightly higher fee facility paled in comparison to the detailed and personal care he received until his passing in February.

We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Apricot Mornings as a safe and clean environment that provides dignity and respect for their clients and families.

The family of Robert Brenner

About Us

Apricot Mornings Residential Living is a group of family owned and operated, board and care homes, located in Clovis, California.

Licensed by the State of California.
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Apricot Mornings

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